About Us

Rio’s Diggity Dogs was established as a hot dog cart, with plans to pursue catering and possibly open small restaurant. Rio’s Diggity Dogs was created by Mario “Rio” Grier and his children, one summer night in 2020, and he decided this would be an awesome way to display entrepreneurship and give his children an opportunity to learn what it takes to start with an idea, and blossom into a tangible business.

Some may ask, what is a “diggity” dog? Actually, “diggity” is nostalgic for Rio, because he remembers his grandmother grilling hot dogs and sausages when he was little, with chili and homemade slaw giving them a little black char on them from the charcoal. This combination made me scream, “Grandma, this hot dog is the Bomb Diggity”.


To make sure every customer received A-1 Customer services, while receiving a mouth watering dog, in a delicious and fresh bun. We want you to feel like you’re the bomb diggity!